Hey Roberts, service is now available!

The wait is over for residents in our northern Roberts build area (RSF-2). Super-fast Wintek fiber internet is now available!

With nearly perfect uptime and unlimited data, you'll be able to stream videos, play games online, and download and upload on multiple devices with ease. With no contracts, hidden fees, fine print, or hassle, it's an easy choice to order service today!

Service features and pricing

There's no limit on usage. You'll never see slower speeds during "rush hour." Someone will always answer the phone when you call for support. You’ll never have contracts, hidden fees, or fine print.

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What to expect after you order service

After you order Wintek fiber internet, the following steps will take about 10-12 weeks to complete.

  • Fiber installation inside your home
  • Enjoy better internet

Frequently asked questions

  • Which internet package is right for me?

    Wintek offers three internet packages with symmetrical upload / download speeds of:

    • 250 Mbps: $65/month
    • 500 Mbps: $85/month
    • 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps): $95/month

    All packages include a WiFi router, unlimited data usage and hassle-free terms and conditions. That means free installation, no promotional pricing, hidden fees or fine print, and superior local customer support. And if you ever need to change your speed, just let us know.

    The package that's perfect for you depends on who you are, what you want, and how you use the internet!

  • Do you offer TV and phone service?

    Wintek offers TV and phone service through a partnership with Mulberry Telecommunications.

    TV and phone services from Mulberry are delivered over the same fiber line that provides your internet connection. These services can be installed at the same time as Wintek internet and would be billed and managed through Mulberry rather than Wintek.

    Or, super-fast fiber internet gives you enough speed to stream all the shows, movies, and sport, you want!

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  • Do you offer any incentives for referring customers?
    Yes! When you successfully refer a new customer to receive Wintek internet, you will both get $20 off your next bill.

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  • When will the rest of the Roberts build area open?
    The remainder of the Roberts build area is set to open in early December. This allows Wintek crews to complete all construction and give engineers ample time to test our service and ensure it’s working smoothly.
  • Why isn’t your service available in West Point?
    Wintek’s residential fiber internet build is currently limited to areas in which Tipmont provides electric service. Right now, this build is scheduled for full completion in 2024. However, we understand that the need for better internet doesn’t stop at those borders, and we’re always investigating options that can help bring our more service to more people.
  • I have Tipmont electric service, but the map says service isn’t yet available for me. When will it be available?

    Wintek is currently prioritizing its residential fiber internet build in areas for which we have generously received state and federal grant funding. Thanks to that, we’ll have fiber internet access available to everyone in Tipmont’s electric service area in 2024.

    We’ve applied for further grant funding to hire more crews, which helps everyone in our service area get connected sooner. You can assist us with the grant process! Visit and submit an internet speed test from your home. This enhances our grant application efforts and can help us bring you better internet faster.

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  • Is there a map of the Wintek build area?
    Find a current Wintek build area map at, where you can also enter your address to see if service is available to you.

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© Wintek. All Rights Reserved.