Indiana launches new broadband initiative for homes, businesses

Wintek is participating in a new State of Indiana initiative to more quickly connect unserved or underserved Hoosier residents and businesses to reliable broadband internet.

The Indiana Connectivity Program allows residents and businesses to apply for broadband internet access. If your application is accepted, the State of Indiana will field bids from Wintek and other internet service providers. The State will then choose one of them to connect you and assist with the cost of bringing service to you.

You are eligible if your area’s available internet speed is:

  • Less than 25 Mbps for download
  • Less than 3 Mbps for upload

There are multiple ways to submit your information and application:

Wintek’s participation in the Indiana Connectivity Program is another way we’re fighting for you — to help you receive the equitable internet access you deserve.

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© Wintek. All Rights Reserved.