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A contract being signed

Stuck in a contract?

Breaking up has never been so easy!

Wintek Powered by Tipmont is your opportunity to get the fastest speeds with the most reliable connection. Stream videos, play games online, and download and upload on multiple devices with ease.

Some relationships are meant to end

Big box providers promise fast speeds, but they can’t guarantee reliability. When everyone jumps on, speeds go down and your service could even cut out. With Wintek Fiber to the Home, you always have a consistent, reliable internet connection.

If something does go wrong, you won’t be on the phone for hours trying to navigate a call center. One of our employees based in Greater Lafayette will pick up the phone and find the solution you need quickly. That’s the Wintek difference.

Stuck in a contract, but looking to break up with your current provider? Don't worry, we'll buy out your contract up to $250 when you switch to Wintek powered by Tipmont fiber internet!

Breaking up has never been so easy! Simply complete the following steps to receive your bill credit.

Step 1

Order and install Wintek powered by Tipmont fiber internet service.

Step 2

Get the final bill from your previous provider. Final bill must show the Early Termination Fee (ETF).

Step 3

Complete the Contract Buyout Form below and submit, along with a copy of the final bill from your previous provider showing the Early Termination Fee (ETF).

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Terms and Conditions

To qualify for Wintek powered by Tipmont’s contract buyout program, customers must order and install Wintek powered by Tipmont residential internet service. To receive credit reimbursement, customer must be in good standing. Customer must submit the Wintek contract buyout form along with a copy of the final bill from the previous with early termination fees clearly marked. Upon receipt of the forms and verification of eligibility, a bill credit will be issued on the next occurring statement. The service address and customer name on the previous provider’s statement must match the service address and customer name shown on the Wintek account. The bill credit amount will be determined by the early termination fee on the final invoice from the previous provider, not to exceed $250. Wintek does not “reimburse” any additional taxes, service fees, return equipment fees, or other charges. Contract buyout forms must be received by Wintek powered by Tipmont within 60 days of installation of Wintek residential internet service. Customer must install and retain Wintek internet account through the redemption process. Credit has no cash value and is non-transferable. No refunds will be given for credit amounts. Offer limited to one contract buyout per household. Forms may be submitted online at Offer not available in all areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to receive my bill credit?

Once you submit the contract buyout form and required ETF documentation, your information will be verified, which may take up to seven business days. Following approval, your bill credit will appear on the next occurring statement.


Will I receive a check for my reimbursement?

No. The Wintek contract buyout program will only provide reimbursement in the form of a bill credit for Early Termination Fees.


I was unaware of the contract buyout program and just paid Early Termination Fees, Do I still qualify for the contract buyout program?

The contract buyout program is applicable to any Early Termination Fees paid on or after September 1, 2020 in qualified areas in accordance with any applicable terms and conditions.


There are no Early Termination Fees (ETF) Charges on my final bill. What can I do?

ETF charges may be on the bill before your final statement or on a bill that arrives after your final statement for your services. If you do not see those charges on your bill, please ask your provider to supply appropriate documentation.


I completed my contract and therefore do not have an Early Termination Fee. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we can only “reimburse” Early Termination Fees. We will not “reimburse” final charges upon cancelling your previous provider’s service.


My previous provider charged me more the $250 to disconnect my account with them. Will Wintek cover the entire amount?

The Wintek contract buyout program covers your Early Termination Fees up to $250. Early Termination Fees over $250 will not be covered.


Are taxes and additional fees covered under the contract buyout program?

Wintek powered by Tipmont only reimburses the Early Termination Fee. Wintek does not reimburse any other type of fee or charge, including, but not limited to additional taxes, service fees, equipment return fees, internet subscription charges, or tv service charges.


Does this program include television or telephone termination fees?

The program covers termination fees for internet service only.


Do I qualify for the Contract Buyout offer more than once?

No. Customers are only eligible to receive one contract buyout redemption during the life of the account.


How long am I required to keep Wintek service if I participate in the contract buyout program?

We are so confident you’ll love our service; we’ll believe you’ll want to stay. The only time requirement we have is that you must install and maintain your internet account through the redemption process:

  • From – When the customer sends in the required documentation
  • To – When the customer receives their bill credit

Please note that the bill credit reimbursement has no cash value and is non-transferable. No refunds will be given for credit amounts associated with contract buyout program.